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Episode 53

Published on:

6th Sep 2020

#53 Aaron Smiley, DVM - How COVID-19 Accelerated Telemedicine Growth & Adoption

In this episode, I'm joined again by the telemedicine evangelist Dr. Aaron Smiley. We talked in episode 24 and for those that don't know Dr. Smiley I'd recommend listening to that episode first. We touch on how he's seen the growth of telemedicine grow during COVID-19.

  • An update since we last spoke and what he's seeing in his practices and hearing from his peers around the country.
  • The increase and acceptance of telemedicine due to strong veterinary care demand.
  • Features and how he is using telemedicine with Medici.
  • Economic opportunities for veterinary clinics leveraging telemedicine.
  • The fears that are still holding back veterinarians from embracing telemedicine.
  • The Veterinary Virtual Care Association and it's mission.
  • Thoughts on where we are heading with telemedicine in the future.

Veterinary Virtual Care Association (VVCA)

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