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Episode 48

Published on:

2nd Aug 2020

#48 Radio Show - Veterinary Student Takeover

In this episode, Dan Routh and I are joined by Aishwarya Chitnis and Jayden Roberts who are both veterinary students at Purdue and Cornell. The episode is structured to allow Ash and Jayden to ask their questions and those of their peers currently in school. We chat on the following:

  • How both of their summer plans were disrupted by COVID-19 and what they are doing now.

  • What should things should we being doing now as students or within our first years out of school to be financially secure down the road aside from the basics like loan repayments and budgeting?

  • I have always wanted to study abroad but it almost feels impossible with the amount of veterinary school loans I have. Can you recommend some ways of making study abroad more economically feasible?

  • I am a second year veterinary student and I am going to graduate with loans of over $ 150,000. It often scares me how much time I’m going to need to repay them. Do you think I should focus on repaying my loans or buying a house or a practice right out of vet school?

  • As a female who intends to have a family, I have concerns about being able to keep up with my male counterparts in building my career, but also want to have time for family. What advice or insight do you have?

  • With the high depression and suicide rates in our profession, what is the mental health space like once we graduate? Is there an awareness of this in most clinics or is it something just talked about while we are in school? - Listen to episode 36

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